We Have Shibumi Shades!

What You Need To Know

How It Works

The Shibumi Shade canopy is crafted to glide gently on the sea breeze. A mere 3 mph wind is enough to sustain its gentle hover. Since the canopy lacks a rigid frame, the Shibumi Shade won't be carried off by strong winds or roll down the beach.

Which Size Do I Pick?

The Shibumi Shade can comfortably fit a group of 6 side by side, with additional space for belongings, beach equipment, and more. For smaller groups of 1-2, the Shibumi Shade Mini is ideal. It's also travel-friendly, fitting snugly in a carry-on suitcase.

What's The Warranty?

When you invest in a Shibumi Shade through us, we wholeheartedly support the product's excellence and your contentment. For any pole replacements, just visit our store, and we'll provide them free of charge. If you face concerns with the fabric or wish to discuss returns, we kindly ask that you reach out to Shibumi directly by clicking here.

**Herring's Outdoor Sports does not take returns on Shibumi Shades**

Still Have Questoins?

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